About Us

About Us

We are more than a hand out, we are a hand up

Southwest Community Ministries is a faith-based organization uniting many interdenominational churches, businesses, schools, non-churches, and individuals to meet the needs of our neighbors in crisis.

Any person needing assistance who lives in our service delivery area, zip codes 40258, 40272, and 40177, inside Jefferson County, is eligible to apply for assistance.

Our Mission

To unite area churches, schools, businesses, and individuals to minister to the needs of our neighbors who find themselves in poverty and/or crisis.

Our Vision

To create a more financially equitable Southwest community by playing an integral part in alleviating the burden of crisis and poverty in the area.

Our Values

SWCM reaches out to those in need in a manner that maintains their personal dignity, fosters a spirit of community, encourages independence, and recognizes interdependence.

Our Board

We depend on guidance and support from our board, which meets six times a year. The board of Southwest Community Ministries is made up of representatives of member churches and representatives of non-churches or business organizations that support our work and mission.

Board of Directors

Sheila Carter | President

Kim Leanhart| Vice President

Roger Bloyd | Advisor to Finance Board

Cindi Fowler | Nominating Head


Matt Yates
Bob Heuglin
Larry Cooley
Khalil Batshon
Wanda Trimble                                                                                    Dewayne Payne

Honorary Members

Carol Lee Severs                                                                                   Charlie Miller

Our Staff

Executive Director

Sarah Langmeyer

502-935-0310 x239

Emergency Assistance Director

Karen Minton

502-935-0310 x243

Food Pantry Director

Mary Wells

502-935-0310 x222

Community Program Coordinator

Madison Ludwig

502-935-0310 x228

Communication and Programs Coordinator

Casey Hibbs

502-935-0310 x244

Director of Development

Charlotte Self


We are blessed to have such a fantastic group of staff members and volunteers. They have helped us provide support for Southwest Jefferson county over the last 35 years and with their help, we hope to continue to provide assistance to our neighbors in need for many years to come.

Member Churches & Associations


Any church that supports the goals of Southwest Community Ministries qualifies for membership. We would love for you to join our action-oriented community. We ask for your help both financially and through service. When you become a member you commit to: provide a delegate to our BoD, make a good faith pledge of financial support and to provide volunteers.

Member Churches:

Beechland Baptist Church
Bethany UMC Church
Church of the Incarnation                                                              Cornerstone Community Church                                                                 Faith Presbyterian Church                                                                          Garrs Lane UMC                                                                                        Good Shepard Lutheran Church                                                          Hillsdale Baptist Church
Meadowlawn Baptist Church                                                                       Mosaic UMC
New Salem Church
PRP United Methodist Church                                                                  Prairie Village UMC
Ridgewood Baptist Church
South Jefferson Baptist Church
South Jefferson Christian Church                                                            St. Francis
St. Paul Catholic Church
St. Peter the Apostle Catholic Church
Valley Station Community of Christ
Valley View Baptist Church

Other Associations

Southwest Community Ministries is a member of the Association of Community Ministries (ACM), a collaborative collective of Louisville’s 15 community ministries leveraging the strength and knowledge of extended connections and common causes. ACM members work together to advocate, identify funding, negotiate with utility companies and encourage community-wide support for this network of community ministries.

We maintain Membership in:

Dixie Area Business Association (DABA)
Mill Creek Advisory Council
Riverport Business Association (RBA)
Southwest Rotary

We also encourage community organizations to join us. If you support our mission and work, come share our commitment!

Contact us at 502-935-0310 or email at swcm1984@yahoo.com
to become a member.