Looking to help out and make a difference?

We are so grateful!

Here are a few ways you can help…

Lend a Hand

We are always in of need extra hands with the Food Pantry, Meals on Wheels deliveries, Emergency Services, food order pick ups, the reception area, and other program areas.

If you are interested in volunteering, please get in touch with us.

Contribute to our Wish List

We have an ever-growing Wish List of items and help that we’re in constant need of. A list of small and large needs are listed in our Wish List below.

Click Here to View our Wish List
  • Drives for food, personal care items, laundry/dish soap/bath soap, toilet paper
  • Volunteering in Food Pantry, Emergency Assistance, Meals on Wheels, Kroger Care Barrels
  • Volunteering computer expertise
  • Volunteer to answer phones
  • Donating thank you notes
  • Office supplies
  • Door Signage
  • Painting and/or wallpapering office
  • Occasional help with freezer/refrigerator repair
  • Help picking up food
  • Help unloading food
  • Each year, resurfacing black top parking lot
  • Children’s shopping carts
  • Staple food boxes for seniors serviced through Meals on Wheels
  • Information board for client information
  • Golden donor tree
  • A connecting breezeway to tie our two buildings together
  • Restructuring our two buildings to expand our food pantry
  • Two awnings that will cover the doorway where clients push carts in and out of building
  • Flower bud vases to add fresh flowers for shut ins

Make a Donation

We have setup a variety of ways for you to donate to SWCM – from monetary donations, to other giving-back opportunities.

Click below to see all the ways you can make a donation that will help our neighbors in need.

To all current and past volunteers, we thank you!

None of this would be possible without YOU

To become a volunteer with Southwest Community Ministries, Contact Us.